March 13, 2020. 


Arvada Eye Care  is monitoring information regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The health and well-being of our patients, staff members  and community is important and we will continue to monitor this situation and prioritize the health and safety of our patients, staff and community.

At this time, we are not canceling any appointments or limiting patient access.  In the event our office is requested to close we will work to reschedule all patients as early as possible and notify others when their products are available to pick up.  This is a constantly changing situation, so we will keep our website updated as new information is available.

FROM THE CDC: “Based on what is currently known about the virus, spread from person-to-person happens most frequently among close contacts (within about 6 feet). This type of transmission occurs via respiratory droplets. Transmission of novel coronavirus to person from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented. Transmission of coronavirus in general occurs more commonly through respirator droplets than through fomites. Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measures for prevent of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in community settings”.

First and foremost- Patients, staff members and customers are expected to stay home if you are showing signs or symptoms of being sick.

Current Procedures in Place at Arvada Eye Care:

  1. Frequently clean and disinfect all surfaces and equipment and other areas that patients and staff utilize.
  2. Additional signage has been placed throughout facilities to encourage hand washing and wiping down equipment before and after use.
  3. Should Arvada Eye Care be contacted by the Health Department or other Governing body, that we have been identified as a possible contamination site, we will close the facility immediately, for 24 hours to begin deep cleaning and disinfection procedures recommended by the CDC.  Once the facility has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, the facility will be reopened to the public and staff.   

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone healthy.